Tipner Lake

view Jackstar The lake is connected to Portsmouth Harbour under the M275 motorway bridge, and to Langstone Harbour via Ports Creek, around the top of Portsea Island. It has the same designations as Portsmouth Harbour, i.e. Site of Special Scientific Interest, and Special Protection Area for Birds. A cycle and pedestrian path, from Mountbatten Sports Centre up to Hilsea roundabout, gives good views. The plant in the foreground on the left is Sea Club-rush. The Jackstar sculpture (right) is intended to act as a roost for wading birds at high tide. Little Egrets have become common in the harbours of recent times. One of their favourite spots is at the top of Tipner Lake, near to the Hilsea roundabout. You can almost predict where one will be standing!

Tipner Point

Bee Orchid Follow Tipner Lane all the way round, underneath the motorway, and you come to a number of grasslands, hedges and embankments which are surprisingly varied in structure and wildlife value. A survey of the whole area in 1991/2 gave a total of about 130 plant species. Go right down to the shore and you can find Duke of Argyll's tea-plant. Further inland there is a smattering of Bee Orchids, such as the one shown here. South of Waterside Special School is Tipner Ranges, out-of-bounds to casual visitors, but you can still hear the skylarks.

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