Site Name Brief Description
Hilsea Lines A mixture of lakes, fields and earthworks
Farlington Marshes Coastal grazing marshes, South of A27, between Portsmouth and Havant
Langstone Harbour
. . . . Islands
. . . . Eastney Lake
. . . . Portscreek
Langstone Bridge
. . . . Sea squirts
. . . . More sea squirts
. . . . Sponges
Mud, islands and saltmarsh on the Eastern side of Portsea Island
Breeding and roosting areas for birds
The south-west part of the harbour, at the end of Locksway Road
A tidal creek which keeps Portsmouth as an island
An interesting place to explore at low tide
A variety of species
Colonial species
More to ponder over
Great Salterns Grassland and scrub South of Burrfields Road, Portsmouth
Baffins Pond and environs A popular pond with much birdlife on Tangier Road, Portsmouth
Milton Common Rough grassland and ponds between Eastern Road and Moorings Way
Milton Locks A fragment of natural coastline at Eastern end of Locksway Road
Tamworth Field Grassland and pond between Tamworth Road and Walsall Road
St James' Hospital Grounds
and Milton Green
Grassland and notable trees North of Locksway Road
Eastney Beach Shingle beach with unusual plants at the Eastern end of the sea-front
Fort Cumberland and
Eastney Peninsula
Grasslands and shingle on the way to the Hayling Ferry
Cumberland House
and Canoe Lake
Natural History Museum, Eastern Parade, Southsea
Life on Southsea Beach What lives on the beach?
Found on Southsea Beach Shells, seaweed and marine animals, washed up
Tipner Lake and
Tipner Point
Mudflats and grasslands on the West side of Portsea Island
Portsmouth Harbour The hub of Portsmouth's maritime heritage
Pewit Island Roost for birds at high water in Portsmouth Harbour
Portchester Castle An ancient monument at the top end of Portsmouth Harbour
Portsdown Hill Chalk grassland and scrub North of Portsmouth (Link to Friends of Portsdown Hill)

Miscellaneous Items
Wildlife on the sea-walls Home to the concrete specialists.
Brent Geese Where to see the geese, and some notes on their behaviour.
Wildlife Designations A brief guide to the abbreviations used for sites in this area.

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